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Lactation Specialist

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Lactation Specialist

Lactation Specialist

Castle Valley Children’s clinic pediatric primary providers, Kendra Nagey, CPNP, IBCLC, and Rebecca Percy, MD, CLC are lactation specialists and offer consults to mothers having problems with lactation.

  • General Feeding Concerns
  • Latching Issues
  • Supply Problems
  • Pumping Consults
  • Feeding Transitions
  • Bottle/Solids Introduction
  • Or whatever issues you are experiencing

It is our goal is to partner with you to meet your feeding goals while keeping your baby is healthy!

To learn more about our lactation services call Castle Valley Children’s Clinic in New Castle, Colorado or Carbondale, Colorado today.

Castle Valley Children’s Clinic

Happy, healthy children are the most valuable asset in our community and we are dedicated to the perfect balance between health and care! As parents, we always want what is best for our children. Castle Valley Children’s Clinic is a team of providers that deliver outstanding care for Newborns to College Age. We are committed to offering your children a family-oriented approach towards their health and wellness.

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