Our COVID 19 Policy and Information

Phone: (970) 984-3333

COVID-19 Information

Face coverings are required in our facilities ​(to protect our staff and at risk patients) We are here for you, our families and our community.

You are welcome to call us and we will help you with your questions or get you the care you need.

We are taking appointments at this time.

If your child is sick with any major symptoms of COVID we will set you up with a Telehealth appointment and work through options from there. if your child needs to be seen we will schedule for an in clinic appointment.

If you would like Telehealth for other visits please ask, this option may be available to you.

We separate populations, healthy early sick later and respiratory at the end of the day.

Face coverings are required for everyone over the age of two. Please help our staff and at risk patients stay healthy!

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