CVCC Awarded Grant for Behavioral Health Services

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CVCC Awarded Grant for Behavioral Health Services

CVCC Awarded Grant for Behavioral Health Services

Castle Valley Children’s Clinic was fortunate enough to be 1 of 81 health care facilities recently awarded grant funding for improving access to integrated primary care, mental health and substance use services.

This grant was made possible by the Primary Care and Behavioral Health Statewide Integration Grant Program created by HB22-1302, which focuses on rural and frontier locations to increase the number of communities with access to behavioral health services.

What will Castle Valley be doing with this grant?

  • Advancing telehealth platforms, electronic health records systems, and billing systems.
  • Increasing workforce – such as hiring behavioral health providers and training existing providers on effective mental health and substance use programs.
  • Creating provider space – such as redesigning rooms to provide individual or group counseling.
  • Training, education, and licensing/credentialing for primary care teams.

For patients, this means they can get behavioral health counseling, medications, and integrated care support close to home. This also helps address the workforce shortage, improving primary care offices’ ability to serve people with behavioral health needs.

“Coloradans, especially those in rural and underserved areas, need more access to behavioral health care,” said Cristen Bates, Director of HCPF’s Office of Medicaid & CHP Behavioral Health Initiatives & Coverage. “These grants will provide the fuel many organizations need to meaningfully increase the amount and quality of behavioral health care they can provide and, in a setting, where many patients feel more comfortable – in the office of their family doctor.”

If you have any questions about our new behavioral health services coming to Castle Valley Children’s Clinic in Carbondale and New Castle, please contact us here.