Diaper Rashes And Your Baby

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Diaper Rashes And Your Baby

Diaper Rashes And Your Baby

Diaper rashes develop on babies inside the diaper area. Most babies get these at some point, but they are usually not serious. A mild case of a diaper rash will result in red, irritated skin. More serious cases can be painful because of more serious irritation and open sores.

Diaper rashes are typically found in the groin area and inside the upper thighs and buttocks. Mild diaper rashes can clear up in a few days, while more serious cases can take up to a week.

What causes diaper rashes on babies?

Diaper rashes can be caused by many things. Below is a list of common causes for your baby to get a diaper rash.

  • Chafing and rubbing.
  • Too much moisture in their diaper.
  • When urine and or stools are left in the diaper to irritate the skin for long periods of time.
  • Yeast infections can cause diaper rashes.
  • Bacterial infections.
  • Diaper materials that cause allergic reactions.

Do diaper rashes require medical attention?

Most cases of diaper rashes do not require medical attention. If your baby is experiencing pain that won’t subside or has open sores that haven’t gone away within a weeks’ time with creams and care, then you may need to bring your baby in for a pediatrician to look.

How to mitigate your baby’s diaper rash.

  • If your baby has a diaper rash you are going to want to pat dry the area, rubbing can make the rash worse.
  • If your baby has a diaper rash, you may want to loosen the diaper to reduce rubbing.
  • You can use creams and medications (recommended by your pediatrician) to mitigate more serious diaper rashes.
  • Keep the area clean where the rash is present.

What type of diaper should I use for my baby?

There are a variety of diapers available in today’s market. From reusable cloth diapers to disposable diapers, the choices are endless.

The most important thing is to always change diapers as needed so that you keep your baby clean, dry, and healthy.

Babies are all different and some disposable and cloth diapers can cause a rash or reaction. This can be due to different materials used in the manufacturing process. When switching diapers on your baby, pay close attention the following days to verify your child isn’t having any adverse reactions to the new materials.

If your baby is experiencing a diaper rash that won’t subside and you have questions about what to do for your babies next diaper rash, contact Castle Valley Children’s Clinic in New Castle or Carbondale today.