How people’s responses affect our girl.

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How People's Responses Affect Our Girl: Article

How people’s responses affect our girl.

A community member recently reflected on her experience selling Girl Scout cookies with her daughter and how people’s responses affect our girl. We asked that she let us share her words:

Sitting next to my daughter while she participates in the *largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world*, I learn so much every time. It teaches me how capable our kids are when given the chance to rise to a challenge, how kind and patient our world is to children as they’re learning, and how fun it is to do something that ties together generations of people with fun memories!

When it comes to the responses the girls get after they do a cute dance and say “Do you want to buy some Girl Scout cookies 😁🥳?”, they span from a warm yes to completely being ignored. I’m not *at all* opposed to girls having difficult feelings when it comes to sales rejection. I’m actually here for it. Kids don’t hear “no” enough these days, in my opinion, and those “no”s are so important to their entrepreneurial experience and growth as future leaders.

What I’m calling out here is one decline response in particular that is so damaging, yet so avoidable…

  • “I can’t, I’m on a diet.”
  • “Oooh, I probably shouldn’t (*grabs own belly fat*).

Y’all. What kind of message do you think that conveys to these young, impressionable girls? Telling a little girl that you think you’re fat (regardless of body shape or size) is such a damaging thing to say, and yet it’s one of the most common rejections they hear. Not only is it damaging as they reflect on their own self image, it says something even bigger that *YOU* might need to hear…

⭐️That kind of response immediately shows that your insecurities and/or SELF PERCEIVED shortcomings define your responses. Read that again. And it subconsciously models that they should consider that approach too.⭐️

Children see themselves mirrored in the adults around them. If they see US judging ourselves by appearance then how will THEY learn to describe and see themselves? If they see US speaking harshly to ourselves how will THEY learn to talk to themselves?

Has anyone ever told you that? If they haven’t, this is a perfect time to pause and think about how your life might be different if your responses aren’t dictated by your insecurities. Confidence and courage are what we teach our Girl Scouts, and you can use your experience at their cookie table to bolster yours as well. Make the effort to rewire; your responses should come from your places of strength and confidence.

Thank you, Hayley! We love the confidence you are trying to instill in your daughter and others!