Inspiring parents in our community: Kendra Nagey

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Inspiring parents in our community: Kendra Nagey

Welcome to our series highlighting inspiring parents in our community. The first person we would like to introduce you to is Kendra Nagey.

Kendra is a bright light of energy and one of our office’s favorite pediatric providers. Let’s let Kendra introduce herself…

Kendra: I am a trained pediatric nurse practitioner and the current school based health director at Mountain Family Health Centers. In this role I work both as a primary care provider and a clinical leader. Outside of work I am a mom of two – two girls ages 5.5 and 2.5 years old. In my spare time I like to read, do yoga, and hike.

Let’s jump into the questions…Kendra, what is the best parenting advice you have ever been given?

Kendra: I lot of my favorite parenting advice comes from Dr. Becky {we love her too! check out our previous posts about Dr. Becky}. Four big things I have taken from her:

1. Not everything is an emergency.

2. Behavior is not a reflection of the child’s intention

3. Parents have more control to escalate and de-escalate a situation than we realize

4. Just remember that we are all good inside!

Such great advice, to follow that up, what has parenting taught you about yourself?

Kendra: Haha, that I am less patient than I thought – or more so that I am more patient for those outside my immediate family. Also, that I can have dualling emotions at the same time. I can be both excited and sad to move through different phases of childhood with my children.

And have any of those experiences challenged you?

Kendra: Another great piece of advice someone gave me is that you can only be as happy as your least happy child. Remember that we have to let kids wade through their own troubles and that sometimes we have to let others (not us) be the “team” that supports them in the moment and not us.

All of these are such good reminders. Okay, one of things that impresses us is that you have seemingly infinite energy to go above and beyond. How do you make time for yourself?

Kendra: It’s nice that I have a day off to myself once a week. On those days I do yoga and try to meet either my husband or a friend for coffee. On a daily basis I really use my commute time to unwind. No music, radio, or phone – just silence in the car.

And how do you stay so positive?

Kendra: I am not a naturally extraverted person. It takes a lot of energy to be “on” at work and socially. Because of this, I am still working on being present in the moment and not bringing work home with me. An example would be giving myself a few minutes to decompress at home. I am not remiss about using “bluey” to help us be quiet and reconnect at home!

Last question, favorite kids activities in the area?

Kendra: For fall definitely Big B’s for apple picking and camping! In general, my family loves Crown Mountain Park.

Thanks, Kendra! We always appreciate your advice either as a medical provider or a friend!

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