Outdoor Activities for Better Teen Wellness.

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Outdoor Activities for Better Teen Wellness

Outdoor Activities for Better Teen Wellness.

Outdoor activities are a fantastic way to promote teen wellness, offering both physical and mental health benefits. Here are some engaging outdoor activities that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle for teens:

Mountain Bike Riding: Encourage family bike rides or explore BMXing and mountain biking for more adventurous teens. After all we live in and around the mountain biking MECA!

Stargazing: Organize a night under the stars, which can be educational and awe-inspiring. There are plenty of places to get away for this and not a far drive from the city.

Outdoor Photography: Combine your childs love for photography with outdoor exploration. The mountains around offer picturesque  scenery that make for great photos all times of the year. The October fall foliage is something you don’t want to miss.

Skateboarding/Snowboarding/Skiing: A fun way to get active and learn new skills. There are numerous ski resorts close by like Sunlight Ski Resort, Powderhorn Mountain Resort and other big names like Aspen, Vail, Steamboat, and more.

Team Sports: Engaging in sports like soccer, basketball, or volleyball promotes teamwork and physical fitness. School sports are also great ways to make new friends.

Rock Climbing/Bouldering: Indoor or outdoor climbing challenges teens physically and mentally. There’s also plenty of places to go around the Garfield and Mesa County areas.

Kayaking/Canoeing/Rafting: Water activities provide a serene yet active experience. Plus with all the different rivers and reservoirs nearby here in Western Colorado you won’t have a lack of places to go.

Hiking: Exploring trails and nature reserves can be peaceful and refreshing. From trails near town to backcountry hiking trails, our area has ample opportunity for hiking.

Camping: Spending time in nature away from technology can be refreshing and grounding. With 3 national forest within 80 miles of Garfield County, and countless acres of BLM land, there is plenty of access for a quiet and secluded camping trip.

These activities help teens stay fit and improve mood, enhance self-esteem, and provide opportunities for social interaction, which are all crucial for overall wellness.

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